Daily Gratitude Journal Day 12

I am grateful for my morning coffee. I LOVE it! I prepare it just the way I like it. I add just enough creamer and sugar for the right amount of sweetness. There is nothing like the first sip of the day. I just hits my body and warms me up and begins to wakeContinue reading “Daily Gratitude Journal Day 12”

Daily Gratitude Journal Day 9

I am grateful for my morning walks with my husband. We take our dog for a walk every morning around our neighborhood. This is an opportunity for us to share any thoughts we have had the day before. We share any concerns we have. We plan our day. We laugh and enjoy our company together.Continue reading “Daily Gratitude Journal Day 9”

Daily Gratitude Journal Day 7

I am grateful for good habits. They don’t just happen on their own. They have taken effort and commitment in my part for them to become good habits. These good habits keep me on track with my goals, like fitness, organization, ministry, and future plans. I’ve had to break old habits that don’t benefit myContinue reading “Daily Gratitude Journal Day 7”

Daily Gratitude Journal Day 6

I am grateful for a clean home. Yes, there is something about a clean home that gives me peace, but also a sense of victory. See, it takes effort and discipline to keep a clean home. It doesn’t just happen on its own. God promises to give us to the victory over our daily struggles.Continue reading “Daily Gratitude Journal Day 6”

Daily Gratitude Journal Day 3

I am grateful for those little things. You know, a warm up of coffee prepared just the way I like it, a cheesy joke my children come up with throughout the day, folded towels, and how about that empty sink! Yes, I’m grateful for those small things. It’s amazing how those small things can tankContinue reading “Daily Gratitude Journal Day 3”

Daily Gratitude Journal Day 2

I am grateful for the ability to be patient when I need to wait for things desire. Sitting in my kitchen, which is newly renovated, reminds me of being patient. It may be hard at times, but we are equipped to be patient. We bought this home a little over 2 years ago and renovatingContinue reading “Daily Gratitude Journal Day 2”


As I read about Eve, I was blessed to see how God can use us even in our brokenness.  God can still bring forth goodness out from us even when we have made bad choices.   In Genesis 2:18-22 we read: The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make aContinue reading “Eve”

Find Yourself

Do you feel fulfilled with who you are today, at this moment? Not with where you are, but who you are? Or do you tell yourself, “there has to be more to me than this”?  I found myself wondering that very question a few years ago.  I had lost myself in the whole mom and wife role.  InContinue reading “Find Yourself”

Find Encouragement in God’s Word

Have you ever been so excited about something the Lord put in your heart? You begin to work towards it and as days go by you might begin to doubt yourself.  I believe sometimes we expect others to give us the encouragement we need to continue in this journey the Lord has set us on. YouContinue reading “Find Encouragement in God’s Word”