What can we learn from Phoebe? She is mentioned in just two verses in the Bible, but what is mentioned tells us a lot about the kind of woman she was. 

“I commend to you our sister Phoebe, a deacon of the church in Cenchreae. I ask you to receive her in the Lord in a way worthy of his people and to give her any help she may need from you, for she has been the benefactor (helper) of many people, including me.” Romans 16:1-2

First, we see that Paul commends her to the Roman Christians.  He speaks very highly of her. Paul makes it very clear that she is trustworthy and a dedicated worker to the growing church. This speaks a lot about her character.  Second, Paul mentions that Phoebe is a deacon in the church in Cenchrea, where she is from.  She had taken a leadership position in the church. Third, Paul says she is a benefactor (helper) to many and himself.  

In just these two verses we see a woman that has taken her role as a Christian seriously in the early church.  Some of her attributes are trustworthy, helper, and leader. My question is, do you see Phoebe in you? I challenge you, and myself, to strive to be more like Phoebe in our walk with God. Can we become more effective leaders in our home, church, and workplace? Can we be more helpful to others that are in need. Can we make ourselves available to help in a growing ministry? Can we give of ourselves for a greater purpose? Can we be so dedicated to our work for the Lord that others my take notice and speak highly of us as we move in the Kingdom of God? 

There are many women in the bible, named and un-named, but nonetheless they are mentioned.  Through their stories we can learn how God used them and we can see how God can also use us.  I pray that through this quick mention of Phoebe you can examine yourself and see the Phoebe inside of you and begin to move forward the calling God has in your life.

Published by ariseyouareloved

I am a wife and a mom. The Lord has been working in my life. Throughout the last four years, He has flipped my life upside down, healed my heart, and given me a passion and vision to reach out and encourage women with His word.

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