Gratitude Journal Day 22

I am so grateful for encouraging words. I know I have been grateful for encouraging words already in this 30 day gratitude challenge, but I truly am! They have the power to lift you up, and to realign your mindset when worry and defeat weigh you down.

Proverbs 12:25

Worry weighs a person down; an encouraging word cheers a person up.

This morning, and actually for a few days now, I have been feeling anxiety and defeat. I started this blog and other plans that I have set to complete. Sometimes I get overwhelmed because aside from these plans I am a mom and a wife. This role of mother and wife are my priority and yes, it takes the bulk of my day. I’m left wondering if I will reach my goals and plans. Can I even do this, or did I reach for too much? Am I fooling myself? Yes, this is called self doubt and it can weigh you down so low that the next thing to do is give up. But, praise God for encouraging words! They have so much power. When I feel this way I know to run to positivity.

1. I run to God’s word and his promises.

2 Chronicles 15:7

But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.

Romans 15:13

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

I know I need to be strong and not give up. The work I put in will be rewarded. Notice the key words “your work”. Work must be done to receive the reward. Just keep going, even on those days you don’t feel like it. Without the work, there is no reward. Allow His hope to fill you with peace so that there is no room for anxiety. See, hope means there is a way, and knowing this brings peace. Anxiety is caused by the unknown, the “what if’s”. There is no room for that when there is hope.

2. I Listen to encouragement in the area that I am struggling.

I have a few podcasts I like to listen to. I have to be honest, there are multiple areas I find myself struggling to find motivation from time to time. Sometimes multiple areas at the same time. These podcasts are so helpful in helping me realign my mindset. I listen to podcasts on homeschool, motherhood, ministry, business, wifehood, social media. I just put on my earbuds and press play while I fold laundry or do dishes. I thank God for these people that have taken the time to record these messages for others to benefit from. They are moms, homeschoolers, entrepreneurs. If they can do it, so can I and so can you!

Published by ariseyouareloved

I am a wife and a mom. The Lord has been working in my life. Throughout the last four years, He has flipped my life upside down, healed my heart, and given me a passion and vision to reach out and encourage women with His word.

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