Gratitude Journal Day 20

I am grateful that I do not have to worry about tomorrow. Just knowing that, when working on reaching goals, takes away the stress of not having to do it all today or be thinking about how I am going to get it all done! Working on this blog takes time and growing my Youtube channel for “Arise, You are loved” does not happen over night.

Matthew 6:34

“So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.

When we see someone reach success in their journey, we fail to realize that there was a mountain of tasks they had to climb to get to where they are. There were a lot of steps taken to reach the top of their mountain. When we begin our journey to reach certain goals, we need to remember that. So many times we worry about all the things that need to be done. We stand before our mountain and we become overwhelmed at how big it is, instead of focusing on the one step we can take today to start climbing. When we worry about what we need to do tomorrow and the next day and the following week, we take away from what we can do today. Do not worry about tomorrow. Worrying about it will not make a bit of difference in those tasks that await for you there. Take the step or steps that you can take today, and when tomorrow comes, you can take those steps that wait for you there. Every little or big step you take is what will take you to your goal. It is in the steps. Everyone needs to take those steps every day to reach the top of their mountain. Everyone! So what do you need to do today to start climbing yours?

Published by ariseyouareloved

I am a wife and a mom. The Lord has been working in my life. Throughout the last four years, He has flipped my life upside down, healed my heart, and given me a passion and vision to reach out and encourage women with His word.

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